Unconference Critique Digitale

Panel 1, Session 2 Zurich

Do., 21.10.21, 13.30 - 14.15

Title: Arjun Sanyal: Critical digital literacy in the libraries for persons from different socio-cultural milieux (empowerment)


Paulo Freire : concept of critical pedagogy

Adapted to digital literary: it’s not only about teaching to use digital tools, but also to be able to interrogate the production / infrastructure of the information production process

Concept of higher education information literacy as developped by the US library association ?

Socio-cultural imbalances and their impact to access to information

Important concepts:

  1. Critical digital literacy actually is based on the concept of critical pedagogy of Paulo Freire. This very concept of critical digital pedagogy actually informs the whole process of critical information literacy.

  2. The whole process of critical digital literacy within the broader process of critical information literacy is actually meant to conscientize the students/concerned audience to the inherent hegemonic power structures within the information resources and inspire them towards interrogating these power structures

  3. So the whole process of critical digital literacy is a self-reflexive process that is ultimately aimed at creation of a democratic and participatory scholarly communication process.

    How can we create a more just “knowledge” society

    Open Access for scholarly communication!

    Why not start our own DH journals?

    Global North and South need to work together

    Literacy for empowerment: Article?

    Large publishers sit in Western Countries \& are against loosening of copyrights for libraries



    This are two article from Ranganathan, a indian library specialist writing on open access to library and it’s effect on empowering people.